DIY: Happy Notes

Going on an exchange to London was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I absolutely loved it, I made friends for life and learned so much. But one things it was not, was easy. Especially leaving home is hard and being away from friends and family can bring you down so in order to cure those inevitable little homesick moments I asked my friends to make me happy notes before I left. Happy notes could take any shape or form and it is entirely up to you to design something that will make you smile. They make great mementos or a lovely gift.

Before going on my exchange I made a questionnaire for my friends to fill out and then seal in an envelope at a dinner party I threw. The idea being that if I was having a bad day I could open an envelope. I wont post any of the filled out forms I received but I will share the blank template and some tips.

Overall it worked out great, watching my friends secretly fill in and decorate their letters was a lot of fun and it also gave me some time to prepare the last course of our meal. Having the happy notes in my bag was also a pleasant reassurance when leaving the country and reading a note could really turn an evening around. The few times I opened an envelope I would pick one at random and usually just looking at the drawings on the envelope would make me smile.

I loved getting a varied mix of responses from both friends I am super close with and those I do not know as well, the combination results in a very surprising mix. I would recommend to bring stickers for your friends to decorate their letters and let them go crazy with them, they make everything more fun. Asking my friends for cooking ideas was super helpful and I recommend it highly for those who are moving out for the first time. If you have notes left unopened save them for the trip home; it'll help pass the time.

You could of course ask your friends to just write you a letter before you leave. Another cute idea is to make happy notes and in secret ask a bunch of friends and family members to fill it out and give the bundle as a gift for someone who is leaving or has a significant birthday coming up. Click here to see the one I made two years ago for some inspiration.

DIY Bring your Tumblr to life with custom stickers

Everybody loves stickers. Combine stickers with Tumblr and what do you get? The best thing ever, that is what you get.

I just got a new diary and wanted to add a bit of personality to it, as well as just have some fun, so I decided to turn some of my favourite Tumblr and Pinterest images into stickers. I love adding a bit of my personal style to the things I own so this was perfect, and sooo easy!

You only need one thing for this DIY which is sticker paper, I had some that was already divided into 8 rectangles so I had to take that into account when printing my stickers but I recommend using full A4 sheets. I combined images I had saved on Pinterest and Tumblr with some cute phrases I wrote out in different fonts, but this is where you could customise it entirely to your taste. Once you have set up your sheet just print it, cut out your stickers and start sticking!

If you like the images I used and would prefer to use these instead of making your own, click here to download a pdf that you can print yourself. Another option is to print your images on regular paper and use glue if you do not want to buy sticker paper. Although I do prefer the neat finish the stickers give. Either way, I hope you have fun!


DIY lace up top

This DIY lace up top is perfectly timed between the Coachella weekends, especially for those staying at home who would like to get in the festival spirit with a fashion DIY to rock later in the festival season, to wear out on the streets or just on the couch. Right there with you guys, one day! This top is a bit trendier than most of the things I make, I usually try not to pay attention to what is currently on trend but I like the look of these lace up tops and they are too easy to make to not do them.
Fashion DIY Lace-up t-shirt cheap easy girl coachella bohemian styled outfit

Like most of my DIYs, this is something you can make almost entirely of things you might already own or things that are easy to get. I used a ribbon that was wrapped around something I received ages ago. The snap buttons were part of a denim button set of which I only used the bottom and middle parts to create the holes to carry the ribbon. For the top I used an old holey long-sleeved t-shirt. I would recommend something with no or a very low percentage of elastane, mine had 5% and I can tell it will be prone to ripping. Ending up with a top that spits in half would be quite unfortunate so if you plan to wear and wash this top a lot I would go with a top without much stretch.

To start put your top on and decide how far you would like the neckline to go. Lay your top on a flat surface next and make a snip which slightly shorter than you intend it to be. Try it on again and adjust it further down if you are not happy.

Next lay out your buttons along one edge and figure out how you would like the spacing to be. When you have decided you could make small marks to guide you further on, I eyeballed it as I went. To get more of a finished look fold the cuts over and snap the excess fabric in place between the buttons, this also strengthens the places where the buttons are putting pressure on the fabric. Repeat on the other side and feed your ribbon through and you are done!

When wearing this top I would style it with the laces tucked in to the shirt on top of something high-waisted or on some denim shorts with a long cardigan on top. Because of wear and tear throughout the years there were some holes around the wrists so I created little turned up cuffs which is such an easy way to make garments last a little longer. There were also some holes around the hem because of which I’ve had to crop it slightly higher than I would have liked. This and the fact that the top is a bit more trend based than items I would usually go for means I am not sure how often I’ll wear this DIY, to be completely honest. This got me thinking about personal style. What is personal style really? Does it still exist in the world of fast fashion? How do trends affect personal style? I would love to hear your thoughts on it as I am not quite sure where I stand!

Easy DIY phonecases

Sometimes you are looking for a specific thing and just can’t find what you are looking for, this was the case for me when I was trying to find a cute phonecase. Somehow it was impossible to choose one. I found that others were experiencing the same thing, so together with my lovely sister-in-law Megan I made some super quick and easy DIY phonecases that you can personalise to your liking using clear phonecases.
First up, one of my favourite ideas, we created a little world map for Megan which is not very different from the scratch map a fewmonths back. In this case we found a image we liked, edited it on to look prettier and the placed tiny stars for every country or state she had been to. We then printed the image (getting the size right took some trial and error) and cut out the image with a knife, slip it between your phone and your case and you are done! The finished result is so cute and a real conversation starter.
Once you have the shape right it you can trace the shape on any type of paper you like, for my phone we used paper with a geometric patter and wrote out an Alice in Wonderland quote. Similarly we used glitter paper for another option for Megan’s phone, I think I might have to make one for me too as I love it so much.
Lastly we created a spring themed case that I am currently enjoying a lot. Using some dried and flattened flowers I had from this DIY. I arranged them on my phone before sealing it shut. It hardly requires any effort but it’s something different and makes me smile whenever I notice it.
 I hope you have enjoyed these DIY ideas, simple but sweet, next week I have a fashion related one coming up! 

A few of my favourite things

Since learning about the concept of minimalism I have been trying to purge my collection of stuff by organising a clothes swap with friends and selling stuff online. Looking for minimalism inspiration online has left me with mixed feelings. I completely agree that having less stuff looks and feels better but the clean Scandinavian style I constantly see on Pinterest is lacking in character for me. I am all for minimalism but that does not mean my style is minimal, I like colour and I don’t want to live in a space where everything looks new. So on I purge, but the stuff I do keep is ornate, colourful and fun. Here are some of my favourite things which are everything named above but especially used and loved.

 1 This corner is next to my loft bed, the stack of books is my bedside table and usually holds a lamp, the book I am currently reading (The Children’s Book by A.S Byatt) and my diary. I am so in love with the velvet mask I got in Brighton. It is part of a small collection of mine so I am ready if I ever get an invite to a masquerade. The dollhouse was a gift from from my grandma years ago.

2 I spotted the rose quarts in a shop and loved this one because it is kind off shaped like a dish. It is now where I keep my everyday  jewellery, having a few favourite pieces  next to my mirror is making me wear jewellery far more often than I used to.

3 The Pikachu and the discoball are some childhood favourites I still adore, I actually have Pikachu flown over to Brighton for last Halloween as the boy and I went as Ash and Misty. He now keeps my flower hair band save while the popcorn box keeps a lot of loose things neatly contained.

4 I have always loved a bit of glitter so I placed these clutches to bring sparkle to an otherwise dark bookshelf.

5 This is what you are greeted with when entering my room, the mannequin is a queensday find which holds items that are hard to store, the cape is made out of fake fur of course. Since getting rid of stuff freed up a shelf I allowed some of my overflowing shoe collection to take over. The picture board is a DIY that you can find by clicking here!

My Pretty Eccentric photoshoot

Those following me on Instagram will already know that I got to be a model for a day for the Brighton based brand Pretty Eccentric. The reason I got the opportunity was completely by chance, I was already working for the brand and when some new samples came in we needed a body to see the dresses on. After a few fittings we came up with the idea to do a photoshoot, and I am so glad we did! It was a lot of fun to be running around town in party dresses although to be honest I was quite nervous as I tend not to be photogenic at all. The pictures turned out way better than I expected and I think they really show how much fun we had that day. Here are some of my favourite shots.

How fab are these dresses? I truly felt like Alice in Wonderland.